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Cutting Discs

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125mm x 1mm Thin Cutting Discs

  • Proudly Australian Made
  • Premium Quality

Supplier Product Code: 66253370467


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Thin Cutting Discs 1.0mm 125mm Inox

You will be impressed at how well these little beauties cut.

Sold in packs of 25

Supplier Product Code: FGCDT125i


Thin Cutting Discs – Inox

  • Abrasive: Aluminium oxide A
  • Manufactured without addition of ferrous, sulphurous and chlorinated fillers
  • PFERD product characterized by aggressive cutting performance and very long tool life
  • Multipurpose tool of hardness gradeR-INOX, for reduced heat build-up
  • Cutting of steel metal, profiles and solid materials-Stainless steel (INOX)

Supplier Product Code:
100mm x 1.0mm x Ø16mm – 69120933
115mm x 1.0mm x Ø22mm – 61340412
125mm x 1.0mm x Ø22mm – 61341112
230mm x 1.9mm x Ø22mm – 61328702

 PFERD Thin Cutting Discs Inox

GP Cutting Discs – Standard Thickness

  • Abrasive: Aluminium oxide A
  • PFERD product characterized by aggressive abrasive performance for fast cuts and long tool life
  • Multi-purpose tool of hardness grade K for abrasive cutting operations using stationary machines
  • Cutting of steel metal, profiles and solid materials – Steel

Supplier Product Code:
100mm EHT100 2.4 A 46 P PSF – 61741116
115mm EHT115 2.4 A 46 P PSF – 61730026
125mm EHT125 3.0 A 46 P PSF – 61719026
230mm EHT230 3.0 A 46 P PSF – 61728222

Friction Cutting Disc

  • To suit portable friction saws
  • Diameter: 14inch (350mm)

350mm/14” x 2.8mm x Ø25.4mm

Supplier Product Code: 66323574