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Flap Discs

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Zirconia PSF Polifan Flap Discs

The perfect abrasive tool for demanding general-purpose metal removal applications. PFERD product characterized by aggressive grinding action and long service life, particularly when used for edge grinding.

Supplier Product Codes:
40G: 69300660, 60G: 69300661
80G: 69300662

40G: 67764115, 60G: 67766115
80G: 67768115

40G: 67764125, 60G: 67766125
80G: 67768125

 Polifan Flap Disc

Polifan® Curve

POLIFAN® CURVE is a PFERD innovation designed to quickly achieve a smooth, consistent surface finish on fillet welds. The unique radial construction shape (PFR) offers a superior solution for this common task.

Supplier Product Codes:
6mm 40G: 61341112, 8mm 40G: 61341112