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Combiclick® Disc Backing Pad

CC GRIND-STEEL 115/125 M14 Backing Pad

Supplier Product Code: 64199001

Black Combiclick BP

Combiclick® Disc Starter Pack

COMBICLICK STARTER PACK; Grind faster with Combiclick, a quick removal disc locking system, that allows the user to benefit from “forced air cooling technology”. The forced air cooling means that the unique “combi-discs” can sand metal away faster than a grinding wheel, without the heat and a lot less noise.

Supplier Product Code: 75520200

Combiclick® Disc

Grinding additives in the coating clearly improve stock removal, prevent clogging and result in cooler grinding. Abrasive: Ceramic oxide CO-COOL  – For highly-abrasive grinding with maximum stock removal on hard materials which do not conduct heat well.

Supplier Product Codes:
CC-FS 125 CO-COOL 60: 4193106
CC-FS 125 CO-COOL 80: 64193108
CC-FS 125 CO-COOL 120: 64193112


Combiclick® Disc

PFERD STEEL version for ultimate stock removal performance on steel.

Supplier Product Codes:
CC-GRIND 115 STEEL: 64183115
CC-GRIND 125 STEEL: 64183125