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Welding Related Chemicals

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Blue Liquid Water Based Anti Spatter

AntiSpatter Blue is a water based, silicon free formula designed to prevent spatter build-up around weld-joint areas and on the adjacent parent metal. It is also widely used in spray bottles to coat the wear-parts on MIG guns such as nozzles and contact tips. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and environmently safe.

Supplier Product Codes: 5L – 4430566, 20L – 800050


Blue 400g Nozzle Dip

Non toxic water based dipping gel for the prevention of weld spatter adherence to MIG torch parts. This silicon free compound is used to prolong the life of nozzles & tips.

Supplier Product Code: 800055


Crack Detection

A Three Step Process to check Flaws in Welds

Widely used in non-destructive testing of critical load bearing beams on cranes, lifting jigs, scissor lifts, and other lifting devices.

Supplier Product Codes:
300ml Cleaner: W8902
400ml Developer: W8903
300ml Penetrant: W8904


Xcalibur 500ml Nozzle Dip

Non toxic water based dipping gel for the  prevention of weld spatter adherence to MIG torch parts. This silicon free compound is used to  prolong the life of nozzle and tips.

Supplier Product Code: W8905


600ml High Performance Antispatter

This High performance antispatter spray lasts up to 4 times as long as conventional sprays. The spray contains 600ml of active fluid which is contained inside a bag in the can. The pressure surrounding the bag forces the fluid out when the valve is opened. This allows the can to be sprayed at any angle and allows you to get every drop out of the can. As its only the active fluid that comes out, this is what makes this product so efficient.

Supplier Product Code: W8901

SilvaGal Aerosol 400g

  • A quick dry metallic paint which has a similar silver sheen colour to galvanized steel.
  • It provides active protection against corrosion for all metallic surfaces. Silver Gal can be used extensively in the maintenance and restoration of damaged or worn galvanized metal and for anti-corrosion protection of steel/iron structures or equipment.

Supplier Product Code: SGAL400


Cold Gal Aerosol 400g

  • Cold Gal chemically bonds with iron and steel, and actually fuses with the base metal to provide rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Cold Gal can also be used as a primer for most paints and is available in a spray pack or in bulk sizes.

Supplier Product Code: CG400

SC41 Surface Cleaner – Industrial Use 2kg

  • Acid cleaning product for stainless steel
  • Does NOT remove the welding scale or heat discolouration
  • The cleaner removes heaviest mud and corrosion which must be removed in order to stop corrosion
  • Effect: visible brightening of material

Supplier Product Code: 854102


UC42 Universal Cleaner – Domestic Use 1kg

  • Especially effective on surface rust for stainless steel does not affect the passive layer.
  • It is used as a special cleaner in highly soiled, coated or corrosion in vessels, breweries, stairways, handrails, railings, steel cladding and furniture etc.

Supplier Product Code: 854201


PP12 Stainless Steel Pickling Paste

For the removal of annealing colours and welding scale after welding. Suitable for lower grade stainless steel.

Suitable for lower grade stainless steel – Will not “etch” as much stainless steel.

MARTENSITIC – 410, 430, 431, 440C
FERRITIC – 409, 430, 3CR12, 5CR12, 444, 446

Supplier Product Codes: 1kg – 851201, 2kg – 851202


PP14 Stainless Steel Pickling Paste

For the removal of annealing colours and welding scale after welding. All grades of stainless steel.

Suitable for all stainless steel – Versatile all materials

AUSTENITIC – 321, 310, 253MA, 904L, 254SMO, 301, 304, 304L, 316, 316L
DUPLEX – 2304, 2205, 2507

Supplier Product Codes: 1kg – 851401, 2kg – 851402


AL26 Alum Pickling Spray – 2kg

  • Removes oxides, annealing colours and contaminants on aluminium
  • Can be brushed on or sprayed on
  • Testing before use recommended as different grades of aluminium react differently

Supplier Product Code: 852602


PL32 Passivating Paste – 2kg

Why Passivate?

When pickling of stainless steel is performed, it not only removes annealing marks and weld scales, but it also removes the passive oxide layer, which naturally forms on the steel. This oxide layer will reform naturally after 12-14 days, but if the product is going into service or in a coastal environment, it must be passivated straight after pickling.

Supplier Product Code: 853202