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Oxy-Acetylene Cutting, Heating and Welding Kit

The Tesuco Oxy-Acetylene gas kit has been designed to include the common equipment needed for the majority of welding, brazing and cutting work. These kits also include both regulator and torch end flashback arrestors and a concise instruction manual that details correct use of the equipment for different

Supplier Product Code: GWKOA


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CutSkill Tradesman Plus Oxy/Acet Gas Kit with FBA

The CutSkill Tradesman Plus gas cutting and welding kit has been designed for general purpose oxygen-acetylene cutting and welding applications. As with all gas equipment manufactured by CIGWELD, the items in this kit have been carefully designed to provide the highest quality and to ensure they comply with stringent Australian Standards where applicable. All the equipment and accessories are packed in a solid CutSkill toolbox. This kit offers great value for the most discerning budget conscious buyer.

Supplier Product Code: 208007