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SUPA GRIT Hand Cleaner

The deep scrubbing action of fine pumice grains give an added abrasive power to the hand cleaner for removal of heavy grease and grime from the hands.

Supa Grit effectively removes deeply embedded grease, oil, grime, bitumen, dried body filler, paint, printers ink, carbon, glues, silicone sealants, epoxy resins, metal, tree stains and countless other ground in soils.

Supplier Product Code: SG21

Quick Smart AR100 dispenser

The Quick Smart Products, AR100 dispenser is suitable for high viscosity hand cleaning preparations including beaded products, as well as soaps and creams. Robust version for industrial use with large 4.5 litre capacity.

The ideal dispenser for industrial purposes, suitable for all high usage environments.

This dispenser can be operated by hand, forearm or elbow.
The dosage is approximately 3ml per stroke and can be reduced.

Supplier Product Code: AR100



Orange Power removes the toughest grease, grime, oil, paint, ink, silicons, metal, tree stains and countless other ground in soils. Orange Power contains no harsh solvents and is environmentally friendly.

Orange Power contains skin conditioners and citrus solvent. The cleansing combination of natural soap, synthetic detergent and mild hydrocarbon mixture
gently removes soils from the skin.

Supplier Product Code:
500ml Pump Pack: OR500P
4.5L Jug Pack Pump Dispenser: OPBJUG
5L Bottle Pump Pack: OPB5L
20L Drum Pump Pack: OPB20P