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G Clamp Cast Iron

  • Unbreakable malleable iron body
  • Swivel pad adopts correct angle and applies even pressure on the workpiece
  • Tensile strength of over 60,000PSi
  • For safety, handle will bend before the frame can become over-stressed

Supplier Product Code:
VWGCC04: 100mm, VWGCC06: 150mm
VWGCC08: 200mm

4-IN-1 F-Clamp

  • V-pad for pipes and extender block included
  • Extender block allows for access in step-over applications
  • Removable, reversible arm for spreading
  • Opening is with no attachments connected

Supplier Product Code: UM45M-C3, UF65M-C3, UG85M-C3 and UM105PM-C3


F-Clamp HD Utility Clamp 420mm

  • Removable, reversible arm for spreading
  • Durable, rigid 42cm x 20cm cross section
  • Oversize, heavy duty swivel pad
  • Hex head to allow tightening using spanner
  • Replacement Pads and Spindles available
  • V-Pads and Extension Blocks sold separately
  • Clamp Force 2200kg

Supplier Product Code: VS7602


F-Clamp MagSPRING L90mm x W83mm

  • The spring-loaded, one-handed clamp with quick-set magnetic V-Pad.
  • The Spring Loaded Arm allows users to free up one hand to position the workpiece.

Supplier Product Code: UDV45M


Ratchet Action

  • Specially designed ratchet action mechanism ensures rapid clamping
  • Vibration & torsion resistance
  • Removable clamp arm
  • Made of heat treated steel for strength
  • Nickel/chrome plated for durability

Supplier Product Code: VS7175


Angle Grinder Bench Rests

  • Store your grinder and all accessories on one convenient, compact, portable rest for easy access
  • No more searching for spanner or spare discs
  • Holds most 125mm (5”) grinders
  • Holds keys & spare discs

Supplier Product Code: Magnetic Base – MGH45
Clamp Base – MGK53


C-Clamp Lock-Grip Pliers 300mm with Swivel Ends

  • Forged, powerful locking pliers
  • The easiest to use
  • Deeper than normal throat for versatility
  • Made of high strength treated steel
  • Nickel/chrome plated body

Supplier Product Code: VS7422


Magnet Level

  • Exclusive magnet with ON/OFF switch
  • Attach to flat and round surfaces
  • Switch makes it easy to position and easy to clean
  • 3 Bubble Vials
  • Frees up hands while beams, posts or sections are being aligned
  • All Adjust-O Switch magnets are rare-earth magnets

Supplier Product Code: VS7201


Magnetic Clamp Multi-Angle 140mm

  • 30/60o edge, with standard 45o and right angles
  • Large centre hole for easier handling
  • Two riveted holes for linking magnets together

Supplier Product Code: MS346C


Magnetic Square Adjust-O with on/off switch

  • Turn the magnet Off when setting up, turn On when you’re ready to work. Fast and safe set-up!
  • Ideal for round and square tubing, angle, and flat stock.
  • Easy to clean. Simply turn Off and wipe.

Supplier Product Code: MSA46-HD


Corner Magnet Clamp

  • Create 90o corners by holding from outside, providing you with an unobstructed area for inside tack-welds
  • One side corner “relief” provides clearance for tall lips
  • Use the outer edges of the Corner Magnet for setting up materials at 60o
  • Size (mm): 82x95x16
  • Mag Force: 14kg

Supplier Product Code: VS7245