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Fabricators Plate Square Set

Flat 4mm Bright Mild Steel
600mm x 450mm ,4 x Pack

Supplied as a set of four squares, with a size to suit most jobs at hand. The two smaller sizes easily fit into a tool box and the larger two sizes are easy to spot, hanging on a wall or tool-board.

Uses include the setting-up of plates, tube, pipe, beams and posts to base plates or other sections, to ensure squareness prior to tacking and welding.

Supplier Product Codes: FG6045PSX4

 Square Set

Osmer Paint Marking Pens

Excellent for writing on Timber, Steel, Glass, Plastic sheeting, Bitumen, Concrete etc.

Supplier Product Codes: 142210 – Assorted Colours,
142003 – Orange , 142029 – Light Blue
142043 – Yellow, 142059 – Black
142067 – White, 142075 – Pink
142083 – Red, 142225 – Violet
142091 – Green



I-Box Magnetic Level 1200mm

  • Advanced structural aluminium frame for maximum durability
  • Impact absorbing end caps
  • Impact resistant solid block vials
  • Non-marring side bumpers
  • Comfort Grips
  • Magnetic
  • Comes With Protective Blow Mould Case
  • Milled Edge

Supplier Product Codes: K11054




Brass Plumb Bob

  • Solid Brass
  • Hardened Steel Tips
  • Replaceable Tips supplied

Supplier Product Codes:
225gm/8oz – K11064
450gm/16oz – K11065

K11064_1 K11065_1

Vernier Caliper Manual

  • Can measure internal and external dimensions as well as depth
  • Hardened to ensure accuracy is maintained

Supplier Product Codes:
2310: 150mm / 6”
2311: 200mm / 8”


Engineers Squares

  • Squareness to BS939 standards
  • Both blade and stock are precisely ground to ensure straightness and parallelism

Supplier Product Codes:
PRES075: 75mm / 3”
PRES100: 100mm / 4”
PRES150: 150mm / 6”
PRES200: 200mm / 8”
PRES250: 250mm / 10”
PRES300: 300mm / 12”

Vernier Caliper Digital, Fractional

  • Can measure internal and external dimensions as well as depth
  • Accuracy to 0.01mm & 0.001”
  • Zero setting at any position

Supplier Product Codes:
MTDC150FR: 150mm / 6”
MTDC200FR: 200mm / 8”
MTDC300FR: 300mm / 12”

Marking Gauge

  • Easier to use and more accurate than marking lines with an adjustable square
  • Perfectly square edges & hardened marking edge
  • Knurled steel knob for positive grip
  • Metric 1mm graduations

Supplier Product Codes: PRMG300

  • Vernier scale for fine adjustment
  • Hardened scriber for increased durability
  • Can be used on wood, metals and plastics

Supplier Product Codes: PRMGR300

Vernier Caliper Digital

  • Can measure internal and external dimensions as well as depth
  • Accuracy to 0.01mm & 0.001”
  • Zero setting at any position

Supplier Product Codes:
MTDC150: 150mm / 6”
MTDC200: 200mm / 8”
MTDC300: 300mm / 12”
MTDC600: 600mm / 24”

Trammel Heads Professional Series

  • Useful for laying out & scribing large circles
  • Trammel heads firmly hold various attachments
  • Come in pairs

Supplier Product Codes: PRTHE33


Wing Compass

  • Manufactured from fabricated steel
  • Spring joint for precision settings
  • Large bearing surface on fulcrum stud prevents side deflection of legs
  • Divider points are hardened for increased wear resistance

Supplier Product Codes:
PRWC06: 150mm / 6”
PRWC08: 200mm / 8”
PRWC10: 250mm/10”
PRWC12: 300mm / 12”

Bossweld Engineers Chalk

High quality soapstone engineers chalk used for marking steel in general engineering & boilermaking.


  • 75mm long
  • 10 x 5mm or 10 x 10mm
  • Semi permanent marking of steel

Supplier Product Codes:
10x10mm: 800020, 10x5mm: 800022


Professional Tape Measure

Impact resistant rubber grip case. Extra Strong 4 rivet end hook with grippers for superior accuracy and holding. Double nylon coated blade to protect markings. Blade is 25mm wide. Full metric incremental markings prevents 100mm syndrome. Look at the measurement after 1000mm such as 1250, not 1000 and 250mm.

Supplier Product Codes:
10m – TBC1025, 8m – TBC8025, 5m – TBC5019

30m Steel Closed Reel Tape Measure

  • 10mm abrasion resistant nylon coated steel blade
  • Rubber grip impact resistant case
  • Belt clip on back
  • Claw & loop end hook for any job
  • Easy winder in side for fast retraction

Supplier Product Codes: TLR3095


SP Stainless Steel Rules

  • 1mm Increments (no half millimetres)
  • Easy to read and mark out!

Supplier Product Codes:
150mm/6″ – SP35211, 300mm/12″ – SP35213