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Metal Fabricators Tool Kit 47pc

Comes with the KINCROME FREE 12 mths Protection Plan1. Registration is required
within 28 days of purchase.

All the basics in one box: 5-Tray Cantilever Tool Box, 250mm and 300mm Shifters, 9pce Metric and AF Hex Key Sets, 16oz and 32oz Ball Pein Hammers, 16mm and 25mm Cold Chisel’s, 2.5mm and 8mm Centre Punches, Hacksaw, 4pce Screwdriver Set, Podgy Bar, MIG Welding Pliers, 200mm Side Cut Pliers, 250mm Multigrip Pliers, 3pce File Set, 150mm and 300mm Stainless Steel Rules, 8m Tape Measure, 230mm Torpedo Level with Magnetic base, 300mm Metal Combination Square, 150mm Engineers Square*, 200mm Spring Dividers*, Scriber Tungsten Carbide Tipped with Pocket Clip*.

Supplier Product Code: P1107


Tool Kit in Case

Metric 88pces 1/4DR & 3/8DR

  • Soft Grip Screwdrivers Phillips and Blade1/4” Bit Driver, Ring and Open End Spanners
  • 4 x Pliers and 200mm Adjustable Wrench
  • Ball End Hex Keys
  • 1/4” Dr (6 point) Sockets 3/8” Dr (12 point) Sockets
  • 3/8” Dr Ratchet (60T)2 x Spark Plug Sockets
  • Extensions
  • Uni-Joint
  • 3/8” Dr (F) 1/4” Dr (M) Adapter
  • all Packaged in a Blow Moulded Case

Supplier Product Code: KBT1162

Powerbuilt Toolkit KBT1162

GERBER Suspension Multi Tool Twin Set

Suspension Multi-Plier; Needlenose Pliers; Wire Cutter; Fine Edge Knife; Serrated Edge Knife; Saw; Scissors; Crosspoint Screwdriver; Small and Medium Flatblade Screwdrivers; Can Opener; Bottle Opener and Lanyard Hole

Supplier Product Code: 31002174

GERBER Tactical Tool Twin Set

The Crucial offers an entire toolbox of full-sized components in one rugged stainless steel package.

The Dime includes a unique blade designed to safely cut and score plastic packaging and a bottle opener that is exposed even when the
tool is closed.

Supplier Product Code: 31002491


One-handed deployment of pliers with outboard tools. The patented SafetyPlus locking system assures tool components stay in place while in use. Components include: needlenose pliers with wire cutter, fine edge knife blade, serrated knife blade, saw blade, scissors, can opener, cross driver, small and medium flat drivers, bottle opener, lanyard.

Supplier Product Code: 41054

SWISS+TECH Carabineer Multi-Tool 6-in-1 Flashlight & Tools

The Carabiner-style quick release mechanism is a natural for effortless fastening and unfastening. Tools and locking mechanism snap into position when opening or closing, providing an unmatchable feeling of quality. Bright white LED flashlight push button control turns off automatically upon release to save energy.

Supplier Product Code: ST33350


SWISS+TECH Micro Plus EX 9-in-1 Multi-Tool

Pliers & Drivers

Is a lightweight, pocket-sized, key-ring tool kit that includes pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper, bottle opener, #1 flat screwdriver, #2 flat screwdriver, #1 Phillips screwdriver and #2 Phillips screwdriver.

Supplier Product Code: ST50016