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FabTIG Maxi 320P AC/DC Pulse Air Cooled TIG Welder

  • Powerful 320A welding; can run the largest Tungsten electrodes and successfully weld 10mm to 15mm Aluminium
  • Digital display with a logical easy-to-use control panel
  • AC-High Frequency mode for TIG welding Aluminium and Aluminium-Alloys
  • Multiple AC-Waves, 1) Square Wave, 2) Sine Wave and 3) Triangular Wave
  • DC-HF or DC-LIFT modes for TIG welding Stainless and Carbon Steels
  • AC and DC+/- modes for STICK welding with MMAW electrodes including Hot-Start and Arc-Force controls
  • Pulse TIG mode for control of penetration and weld shape
  • Pulse TIG Width and Frequency adjustments

P/C FG320PmTIG  S/C 12320

FabTIG Midi 203P AC/DC Pulse TIG Welder

  • 9 Memory Control Settings as standard
  • Designed for Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding in AC-HF or DC-HF and DC Lift-Arc modes. Also well suited to STICK Welding (MMAW) of a wide range of ferrous metals
  • For immaculate TIG welding of Aluminium & Alloys, Stainless & Chrome-Nickel Steels plus Carbon & Low-alloy Steels
  • Powerful 200A welding; can run
  • 4.0mm Tungsten electrodes and successfully weld 6mm to 8mm Aluminium
  • TIG duty cycle = 35% @ 200A
  • 240 volt single phase power supply

P/C FG203PmTIG  S/C 12203

FabTIG Mini 200P AC/DC Pulse TIG Welder

  • 200 Amp maximum output
  • Mini in size with powerful output
  • Digital display with a BASIC easy-to-use control panel
  • AC-HF mode for TIG welding Aluminium
  • DC-HF or DC-LIFT modes for TIG welding Stainless and Carbon Steels
  • AC and DC+/- modes for STICK welding with electrodes
  • Pulse mode for control of penetration and weld shape
  • Pulse Width and Frequency adjustments

P/C FG200PmTIG  S/C 12200

WeldSkill 170HF DC-TIG

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 170HF Inverter is the latest addition to the WeldSkill inverter range. It is a 240 Volt, single phase welding machine with increased output and duty cycles for more demanding applications. The unit features a HF start function excellent DC TIG performance. With superior arc characteristics on range of welding electrodes from 2.0mm up to 4.0mm diameter, this is an ideal machine for small to medium welding products.

P/C W1003001  S/C 10144

   Download the WeldSkill 170HF Brochure

W1003001-170HF toolkit

WeldSkill 200HF TIG Welder

The WeldSkill 200HF is a great addition to the workshop ensuring the ultimate portability in light TIG fabrication and stainless steel work for the Tradesman or Maintenance Worker.


  • Push button weld mode selector with LED indicators
  • HF Start Function in TIG mode

P/C W1008200  S/C 8977

WeldSkill 200AC/DC TIG

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 200 AC/DC is a 240 volt, full digital control, AC/DC Lift TIG, High Frequency TIG and Stick inverter power source specifically designed for the budget conscious user. The unit features High Frequency (HF) start, Lift TIG start, Up/Down Slope, Pulse, 2T/4T Trigger Function and Gas Purge for AC or DC TIG welding. The 200 AC/DC also comes as a complete kit and is ideal for the light fabrication and maintenance of mild steels, stainless steels and aluminium.

P/C W1006200  S/C 12975

   Download the Weldskill 200 ACDC Brochure

WS 200AC_DC Plant