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From hotels to cafés, we provide efficient beverage dispensing solutions and free on-time delivery.  We provide a range of gases (SupaMix) and solutions to carbonate and dispense your beverages.  The range consists of a variety of gas mixtures that do not affect the taste of your drinks, allow for faster dispensing and extends the life of slower-moving draught beers.


SupaMix is a combination of CO2 and Nitrogen and is specifically used to dispense beer. SupaMix gases come in 3 options:

  • SupaMix 30 is 30% CO2 and 70% Nitrogen and is used for dispensing Guiness, stout and other heady beers.
  • SupaMix 40 is 40% CO2 and 60% Nitrogen, it is used for dispensing beer from kegs that are high pressure and cold temperature.
  • SupaMix 55 is 55% CO2 and 45% Nitrogen. SupaMix 55 is used for dispensing draft beer but is not recommended for dispensing beers stored at ambient temperatures.

Other Beverage Gases

Food Grade CO2 is used for dispensing beer from kegs stored at a temperature less than 10 degrees

Nitrogen is used specifically for dispensing wine, fruit juice and non-sparkling cider.