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Dry Ice

Dry Ice is a solid carbon dioxide and unlike ice (water), converts directly from solid to gas leaving no residue. Dry Ice, the most concentrated form of cold readily available, is supplied in block or pellet form. Dry Ice has approximately double the refrigeration capacity of water ice by weight. It’s colder, leaves no mess, lasts longer and is the ideal portable refrigeration for coolers, car fridges and ice boxes.

How to get the best from Dry Ice

  1. Use the very best insulated cooler bin available.
  2. Keep Dry Ice in packaging at all times. Wrap in paper or towel for longer lasting results.
  3. Open your cooler as infrequently as possible.
  4. Store your cooler away from direct sunlight and out of the wind.

Uses of Dry Ice

Dry Ice is used in the freezing of products, fog effects, mixed with water and fresh food products.

Freezing of products

  • Freezing products quickly can be done by placing either block or pellet Dry Ice throughout the cooler maintaining your products.
  • To hold frozen products at a constant temperature simply pack the already frozen food into your cooler and place Dry Ice on top, keeping the lid on the cooler bin in the cool and dry place.

Fog effects

  • For a great fog effect at a party, social function or live theatre, simply mix Dry Ice with hot water. Please ensure the area is well ventilated.

Mixed with water

  • A combination of Dry Ice and water ice is ideal for parties, BBQs, picnics and camping. Keep beer, wine and soft drinks cold and enjoy crisp, cool salads.
  • Place the Dry Ice at the bottom of your portable cooler retaining the packaging. Place double the quantity of water ice over the Dry Ice. The water ice will form a layer over the Dry Ice.
  • Under these conditions, chilled products, including cans, bottles etc. can be stored for up to 8 hours depending on the quantity of Dry Ice used. The water ice won’t melt until most of the Dry Ice has gone.