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LPG Gas Cylinder

LP Gas is a very versatile fuel that offers excellent convenience to consumers. This is because it can be stored and transported as a liquid and then used as a gas when and where required. It is composed predominantly of the following hydrocarbons or a mixture of all or any of them: Propane, Propylene, Butane and Butylene.

From BBQ gas, forklift gas to larger 45kg cylinders. Supagas has all of your needs covered. The Supagas change over cylinder service can get you going on LP Gas immediately and with no capital outlay.

Uses of each LPG Gas size

  • 8.6kg – BBQs and patio heaters
  • 15kg – forklifts
  • 45kg (liquid withdrawal) – decanting (cylinder refills)
  • 45kg (vapour withdrawal) – shrinkwrap guns, stand heaters, factory & home heating, commercial & domestic cooking

Download the Forklift Cylinder Changeover Procedure here

Safety Relief Devices (SRV)

All LP Gas containers, tanks and cylinders are fitted with safety relief devices and when the pressure within a container reaches a pre-set pressure level the safety relief device is activated releasing some of the pressure and the safety device may remain open until the pressure in the container is reduced to that of which the safety device is set at.

Gas Storage Cages

Supagas has a range of gas cages that can be used for the storage of 15kg and 45kg cylinders. These cages can be either rented on a monthly basis or purchased outright. Gas safety signage is also available to meet all industry standards and regulations.

For further information about any of our LP Gas products call 13 78 72 or call in to your closest branch.