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Have you ever had to wait unnecessarily long for your BBQ gas cylinder to be filled at convenience stores or service stations? Well, the solution is “Supaswap”. Simply take your empty cylinder to your nearest Supaswap location and swap your empty cylinder for a new or reconditioned full cylinder. Located at service stations and convenience stores across metropolitan Melbourne, Elizabeth West and Moonah, you are never far away from a Supaswap location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to exchange a Supaswap branded cylinder?

No. Supaswap will accept any 9kg or 4kg LPG cylinder as long as it meets the quality standards listed.

If my bottle is out of date, can I swap it?

Yes. Although some retailers may charge and extra fee

If I don’t own a cylinder to swap, can I purchase one?

Yes. Cylinders are available for sale at every Supaswap outlet

Do I own the new bottle that I swapped my old one for?

Yes. The bottle is yours to keep. You can continue to swap it and never worry about test dates again

Why does Supaswap fill to only 8.6kgs and 3.7kgs?

This eliminates the risk of overfilling cylinders commonly found in the market whilst fulfilling weights and measures requirements.