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Breath Free Charcoal Filter Cannister

  • Activated charcoal cannisters remove up to 50g of waste anaesthetic gas
  • Inexpensive refills available
  • Simple to use

P/C: CFC (system) and CFR (filter refill)

Analgesic Administration System

The Analgesic Administration System is a demand inhalation unit for the administration of 50% Nitrous Oxide / 50% Oxygen (Entonox) analgesic gas mixture. The unit is specifically designed for use in emergency and obstetric analgesia. It is ideal for the relief of pain in a range of situations, including:

  • transport accident victims
  • accident and emergency wards
  • childbirth
  • minor surgical procedures such as changing dressings, removing sutures, reduction of fractures

P/C: CIG550010 and CIG550011 (Demand Valve & Hose Assembly only)