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Copper Pigtail with Yoke

There is a range of flexible coils (pigtails) available to suit most industrial and medical gases.

Supplier Product Code: CIG553065


Copper Coil, Oxy BSP RHInlet

  • Can be used for the medical oxygen cylinder change over program on supply manifolds
  • Medical oxygen compatible thread tape only to be used by trained technicians

Supplier Product Code: CIG553039

G8850_Alarm Panel

Alarm Panel

The G8850 gas alarm panel is designed to be used with
compressed gas reticulation systems.

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Supplier Product Code: G8850

medical manifold

Medical Manifold

MM120 range of low flow medical auto change-over manifolds for gas pipeline systems requiring uninterrupted flows at constant pressure.

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Supplier Product Code: MM120


Gas Flex Lead

  • stainless steel

Supplier Product Code: G0504


Multepoint Direct Suction Outlet

  • Multipoint Terminal Wall Outlets – Single Action Valve – Vacuum

Supplier Product Code: CIG553043

  • Multipoint Terminal Wall Outlets – Single Action Valve – Medical Air

Supplier Product Code: CIG553041

carbon-dioxide_X04101-CDmedical-air_X04101self-sealing-gas-outlet_X04101-O nitrous-oxide_X04101-N

Self Sealing Gas Outlet – Gases

  • Robust design to withstand arduous use
  • Unique gas specific diameter indexing system prevents incorrect assembly of units on installation or when dismantled for maintenance
  • High Flow capacity
  • Suits various installation requirements – wall, pendant, column or duct mounting
  • Complies with Australian Standard AS.2896-1998

Supplier Product Code: X04101-CD (Carbon Dioxide), X04101-A (Medical Air), X04101-O (Medical Oxygen), X04101-N (Nitrous Oxide)


Self Sealing Gas Outlet – SCAVENGE

Supplier Product Code: X04101-PGS


Self Sealing Gas Outlet – Suction

Supplier Product Code: X04101-S


Self Sealing Gas Outlet – Surgical Tools

Supplier Product Code: X04101-ST