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Suction Accessories

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Suction Accessories and Spare Parts


Suction Canister 1500ml

Supplier Code: 614342301


Suction Receptal Liner

Supplier Code: 610G90301


Suction Wire Holder

For use with the 1500ml Suction Canister

Supplier Code: 614342601


Medical Suction Tube – Yellow

  • 8mm and Silicon 8mm

Supplier Code: 8mm – DAW518401 and Silicon 8mm LUD524299

Liberty Yankauer Handle (vented)

  • Adult 27cm
  • Sterile, individually sealed
  • Crown tip with vent
  • Made of K-resin

Supplier Code: 307.01.000

Liberty Connection Tubing – 2m

  • Suction tube with connector for suckers
  • Single use only, disposable, individually sealed
  • Sterile to avoid risk of infection

Supplier Code: 530.25-200

 Catheter Suction Y

  • Special, soft medical grade PVC
  • Sterile, individual peel pouch, single use only
  • Clear pestrol vacuum control

Supplier Code: 110.10.058

Liberty Reusable Suction Pump Canister

  • Graduated, 2 ports
  • Volume 1000cc
  • Over flow valve
  • With lid, fits SPB/SPBB

Supplier Code: SPBSB1L

Liberty Disposable Suction Pump Canisters

Liberty® Suction Canister Disposable, hard plastic canister system for collecting and retaining aspirated materials. These negative pressure suction canisters are precision manufactured using high quality components.

Supplier Code: SPCDE0101 (850CC and 1200CC)

Bacteria Filters (Packet of 100)

Spare filters for all Twin-O-Vac units

Supplier Code: 554050

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