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These trolleys are designed for easy transport of medical gas cylinders. For larger cylinders they are manufactured from tubular steel for added strength and prolonged service life. For smaller cylinders, lightweight aluminium with adjustable height handle.

Trolley Medical – Multiple

Designed for moving multiple quantities of C size cylinders around the hospital. Made from powder-coated steel, this trolley holds 12 C size cylinders.

Supplier Code: JGMEDC12

Trolley Medical – E

Suitable for carrying an E size cylinder from the gas dock and around the hospital and nursing home environment. Made from powder-coated steel, this trolley is suitable for restraining the cylinder by the bedside.

Supplier Code: JGMEDE

Trolley Medical – G

Designed for carrying a heavy G size cylinder around the gas dock and into the hospital wards. Made from power-coated steel, this trolley is suitable for restraining the cylinder by the bedside or in gas storage.

Supplier Code: JGMEDG

Trolley Medical – C & D

Suitable for carrying a C or D size cylinders around nursing homes, the home and surrounding areas. Made from lightweight aluminium or steel.

Supplier Code: JGMEDCD aluminium, JGMEDCDS


Trolley Medical – GC

Supplier Code: JGSINGLEGC


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All carry bags are constructed from 400 denier nylon to provide strength and durability while ensuring ‘breathability’ that allows oxygen to dissipate. The smooth finish prevents cloth and skin abrasion.

Products April 2015-31

Wheelchair Bag

This bag has been specifically designed to suit most wheelchairs. Four velcro straps attach the bag securely to the chair. The top features two straps which securely hold the cylinder within the protective padding of the bag. Convenient top handle ensures easy carrying.Holds one C size cylinder.

Supplier Code: 44N

Products April 2015-39

Shoulder Bag

Neat, compact bag with handle and wide reinforced shoulder strap holds cylinder firmly in place. generous pocket provides room for storage of spare accessories.Holds one C size cylinder.

Supplier Code: SupagasCylBag

Airline Travel Bag

Specifically designed to protect the cylinder and equipment for air travel, the hard casing surrounds the value an regulator and safeguards against knocks. Bag features carry – handle, shoulder strap and can be worn as a backpack. Generous pocket provides room for storage accessories.Holds one C size cylinder. Airlines should be contacted prior to travel to check guidelines.

Supplier Code: AL123

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Cylinder Restraints

  • 100mm track + 1 set curved brackets and 600mm strap

Supplier Code: J128

  • 400mm Track + 2 sets Curved Brackets + 600mm Strap

Supplier Code: J130

  • 100mm Track+Small (Mini) Curved Bracket+400mm Strap

Supplier Code: J133

  • Curved Bracket + 900mm Strap (Med)

Supplier Code: J105

  • 1 Metre Track (Anodised)

Supplier Code: J101

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Wall Brackets

Products April 2015-42

Wall Bracket – Resus

Supplier Code: RG3

 Products April 2015-32

Medical Oxygen Walker Bracket

Supplier Code: O-SUP030

 Products April 2015-36

Long Handle Cylinder Walker Bracket

Supplier Code: O-SUPA012

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