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Shielding Gases

Supagas supplies gas for every specialty welding requirement. Our range of shielding gases are known as Supa Argon welding mixtures and are specifically designed for MIG and TIG welding. Our welding gases are available in many cylinder sizes and all meet Australian Standards and are prepared for service utilizing strict quality control procedures. A number of factors determine which Supa Argon welding mixture to use for a specific welding job, they include the welding process (MIG or TIG), the type of metal to be welded and the thickness of the weld.

Supagas supplies a number of shielding gases including Supa Argon 02, Supa Argon 07, Supa Argon 18, Supa Argon 23, Supa Argon 25, Supa Argon 52 and Supa Argon 75. All Supa Argon welding mixtures are designed for different types of welding jobs. Supa Argon gases are inert (do not react to anything), non toxic, colourless and odourless.

Please select either TIG Welding or MIG Welding to determine which Supa Argon gas is suitable for your needs.