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Tech Sheets

For consumer information regarding products supplied by Supagas, please download the respective Technical Sheet

Oxygen Acetylene
Nitrogen Hydrogen
Compressed Air Helium
LP Gas Argon

Hospitality Gases

Carbon Dioxide SupaMix 30
SupaMix 40 SupaMix 55

Dry Ice and MAPP Gases

Dry Ice SupaMap 30
SupaMap 40 SupaMap 55

MIG Welding Gases for Mild, Carbon & Low Alloy Steels

Supashield 07 Supashield 10
Supashield 16/3 Supashield 18
Supashield 25 Supashield 52
Supashield 52

Stainless and Duplex Steels

Supa Stainless 02 Supa Stainless 20
Supa Stainless 62 Supa Stainless 64
Supa Stainless 98

MIG & TIG Welding Gases for Aluminium & Alloys

Supa Alloy 25 Supa Alloy 75

Refrigerated Liquids

Oxygen Refrigerated Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerated Liquid
Argon Refrigerated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Refrigerated Liquid

Refrigerant Gases

supaCool R410a supaCool R507
supaCool R744 supaCool R134A
supaCool R404A supaCool R407C

Medical Gases

Medical Oxygen Medical Air

Specialty Gases

Dry Breathing Oxygen Nitrous Oxide
Ethylene  SupaRipe 5