Sydney Children's Hospital Sponsorship

Many children from around NSW, are monitored at the Sleep Medicine Unit at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, for a range of confirmed or suspected sleeping issues.


On Tuesday 6th February 2018, our Supagas managing director, Paul Berman along with the Supagas Medical team visited the Hospital to meet the Sleep Medicine Unit team. This also included a tour of the hospital; see the Supagas Sleep Medicine Room along with presenting the cheque of $39,000 that Supagas kindly donated to the unit with Dr Arthur Teng and Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO, Nicola Stokes.


This donation has helped tremendously by providing an extra room for the Sleep Medicine Unit Team to monitor and treat more children.


Previously, the unit only had 4-four rooms to monitor and diagnose children with a range of sleep disorders. The Supagas donation enabled the Sleep Medicine Unit to have the additional fifth room supplied with all machines and equipment. This additional room provides shorter waiting periods from six months down to four months and help many parents find the answers for their child’s condition sooner.


The kids need to get in early to be set up to the monitors that record air pressure and brain waves. The wiring gets tucked away in a back pack and the children get to play for the evening with fun activities to ensure they get used to the wires before sleep time.


The following day, reports from the night monitoring are assessed by Dr Arthur Tang and Sleep Scientist Bruce Williamson from the Sleep Medicine Unit who monitor all the breathing troubles and sleep disturbances throughout the night. 


Medical issues that children are treated for by doctors range from; asthma, tonsillitis, adenoids, sleep terrors, obesity, epilepsy and much more.


A video showing more about the Sleep Medicine Unit at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick can be found here


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